Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Real man

A little wisdom from my mum this morning:
"The difference between a man and a male is the position and development of his reproductive organ. Whereas a man's organ grows between his ears, a male's grows between his legs!"- Rev Chris Atemo

This makes sense on so many levels I was totally blown away!!! My mum has such deep insights, don't you think? Peace

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Building Confidence

The other day I was having a conversation with a particularly hot girl friend of mine. While we were talking, something that she said took me by surprise. She said that she isn't really confident and she's quite shy!

Well some short background info on this chick is in order. The girl in question is someone with whom everyone wants to hang out with; she has dudes calling her every so often; she models and has appeared in commercials. So with all these qualities, how is she not confident?

 In some effort to try and help her out I told her that I'm extremely confident. It may have come out sounding arrogant at the time but it wasn't my intention. I just feel that I'm just as good as anyone else, if not better :D. I take the saying 'you can do anything you put your mind to' to heart. I walk with my head held high looking everyone walking towards me in the eye. I don't think there's anyone as good looking as me and there's no one I can't compete with.

In an effort not to sound like so gloating douche bag flaunting my confidence in her face, I thought I should probably give her some lessons in building confidence, or at least how I got mine.  I told her that when I was younger, I used to walk with my eyes to the ground (I mean you have to be sure where you're stepping right?). However, one day I came across an article about how confident people walk with their heads held high, looking the world in the eye and I told myself, "Well, you're a confident person, you should walk with your head held up." And I forced myself to look up.

During the same period, I discovered that people really don't give a fuck about you or how you look if they don't know you. I learnt this after doing a little social experiment. I once went shopping with my sisters platform heels which just happened to be rainbow coloured. Now get this, while some people stared and pointed at me, most would just note that I was wearing heels and go on with their business. This made me realise that as long as your dressing is just passable, no one cares... unless they know you.

I wasn't as confident when I was younger as I am now and thinking back I can't really point to a specific time in my life when this changed. Perhaps it was the time I was on TV, long story; or maybe it's the sum of several small things: holding my head up at the world, looking in people eyes or the fact that whenever I catch my reflection I remind myself that I'm handsome. It could also be the fact that I have the ability to remember the high points of my life without thinking of the bad. Or that I'm a great story teller. But maybe more than anything is that my dad and mum, especially, have always encouraged me to do anything, reminding me of my best qualities.

I've been thinking about this because I want to help my friend with her confidence issues. For me it seems simple but when I tried to explain it to her it didn't seem as simple. I couldn't really tell her how to become more confident but I did give her what I think is a solid starting point: hold your head up to the world. What advice would you give her if she was your friend? Peace!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The One That Got Away Pt 2

So today I read something I wrote a long time ago about a girl I used to like. I don't know why, but it made me want to write something else, something more. If you have not read this post then there's no point on reading this. Go read it first (preferably) so you know where this is coming from.

So anyway, I was thinking about the situation with Belinda and how things progressed from there. Remember I had said that I would try to repair my friendship with Belinda? Taking back to the levels of closeness we once enjoyed? Well this is kind of a status report.

I can tell you that things are not good! In fact if I was to get a grade it'd be F--! I don't know why. Well, actually, I do. Its because I really don't give a damn. I've let it deteriorate, decline, slip, slide, worsen, go downhill, regress, retrogress; go to rack and ruin, waste away or weaken (Yes I know all these words but I used a thesaurus) and I could care less.

So why is that I don't care? I don't know. I wish I did and I realise that it can't be healthy at all to think like this. I know what it'd take though to accomplish it. It could start with me calling her, finding out what she's been up to, telling her how much I missed her and that we should hang out. She'd probably ask almost the same things that I asked her. After this call I'd probably wait two or three days and call her again and ask her when we could hang out.

I could do all this but I won't I'm at a point where chasing girls I had crashes on doesn't matter nearly as much as it did. I look at it like this: friendship is a two way street. I can't I won't be the only one struggling to repair something that takes two people to maintain. It's not fair to me and I won't subject myself to that. Not any more. Peace!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Really Airtel, Really?

I've been with Airtel for several years now throughout its various naming changing metamorphosis. Nonetheless, I started out with Safaricom, like most people probably, but I left them some six years ago when I lost my line and they refused to replace it because I didn't have the sim case thing.

Airtel has always had some of the most competitive rates in the market and usually are the first with the implementation of game changing offers. I've stuck with them despite the fact that I've been waiting for proper 3G for almost as long as I've been with them and also that everyone is on mpesa and you're not.

I've committed myself to their network regardless of the fact that everyone I know is on Safaricom and they don’t call or text me as much as they would were I a Safaricom subscriber. I have also turned a blind eye to those irritating promotional calls in which they play you a musical advert; I mean I'm already on your network I don't want to hear your adverts!!!

However, today Airtel have taken advantage of my generosity for the last time.

I got a call from a strange number, +254786824711, and heard one of their promotional offers. This time around I chose not to hang up immediately because I was a little bit intrigued by what the ‘caller’ said. I was informed that I've been added to a promotional offer where I get one free week of Airtel Ngoma service for my line.

For those of you who don't know, Airtel Ngoma is a service where you can let callers listen to a certain song of your choice while they wait for you to pick up. I hate it! I find it disorienting whenever I encounter it and to add insult to injury, the sound quality is just pathetic! So of course I've never let my callers suffer through that torture.

This offer, however, I was soon to learn was not easily opt outable :). Also I had no choice in the music playing for my callers. I carefully listened to the call to hear how to opt out. Thank God I didn't hang up.

I had a friend call my phone to see if it was was.

Calling the number to opt out, which was a long convoluted process of 'If you want…' At some point I was politely informed that the call would cost me Sh. 2 per minute... Umm, wait, what?

After I finally got to the opting out option (ever notice how the option you want is always the last one) 'Press 9 if you want to cancel Airtel Ngoma... press 1 to confirm you want to...' I hang up and my bill for the call was presented to me.

I was livid! These guys first of all are calling me without my permission to offer me stuff I don't want, They put me in an offer I didn't ask for, want or was remotely interested and then charge me for the privilage of opting out????!!!!! Where do they get of doing this to me? Is it even legal? It's totally BS!!

I'm sure the money they charged for the call wasn't so much but it's the principle. I can't be paying to get out of something I didn't ask for. See, if I had asked for it perhaps I wouldn't be so mad but I didn't, they never asked and I've never indicated anywhere I like it. How dare they.

I'm mad!! Not mad enough to leave Airtel but close enough!! One more stunt like this and I'm gone!! For good. On that note, I hate all the spam messages they send me. Perhaps if someone from Airtel is reading they can note: if it isn't an internet offer I don't want to hear about it. Let me go get my hair done and try to calm down. Peace!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Making Love or Just Plain Fucking?

So my editor has guilted me in to writing something, he sent me an email talking about lazying about; I replied that as the "talent" I could tell him to jump off a bridge and he said whatever rocks my boat.

He has the unique ability to make me feel guilty for doing something wrong and that's why I'm glad he wanted to work with me. So I'm writing this post to make sure he doesn't quit on me. I'm also doing it directly from my phone, something I haven't doing in forever.

The other day I was walking with two of my girlfriends and the conversation turned to sex, as it's wont to do every so often when on campus, and they talked; I was just walked along listening and smiling, as they went on about weird and awesome places to have sex.

Pools, planes, the beach, public bathrooms and of course cars were mentioned. When we got to cars, one said something that I found fascinating; she asked us if we ever had fucked in a car! I said no, Sally, my other friend, said yeah. Sally then said that you have to be careful not to shake the car too much or you may get caught. However, Eva was of the opinion that if the car isn't shaking, then you aren't fucking, you're making love.

We laughed out loud for several minutes but it really got me thinking about the difference between making love and fucking/having sex/shagging. According to these girls no holds barred, rock the bed, wake the neighbours up sex is fucking while the gentler, slower more sensual rocking together is making love.

I don't know, I don't think I'm experienced enough to tell the difference. Okay that sounds bad, like I don't have sex...*sigh* Anyway I don't know and have never really thought about it. What do y'all think? Sound out in the comments, or just tell us of your own experience, anonymously if you like;) Peace!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Blog Milestones So Far

I'd like to apologise for not posting yesterday; I was in such a lazy mood I didn't leave my room (or bed) the whole day. It was spent just watching a bunch of series and movies my roommate recently gave me, so obviously I was too "busy" to do much else. Anyway, I've spent most of the day thinking about what I wanted to post and only just now it hit me; my blogger milestones so far. You guys already know why I started blogging (if you don't know click on the link). I think I've achieved most of what I set out to achieve with this blog. However, there have been some particularly high moments, and that I want to share with you.

When I began to blog, I first wrote something about the iPad. At that time, I felt it could be improved; clearly I didn't know shit about what I was saying!! After that, I never wrote about technology again. It's not that I was wrong - a bunch of people far more talented and experienced than me were wrong about it - it's just that I never got particularly excited about any other tech to warrant mentioning (someone buy me a tablet, please?). I moved on to more personal posts, and I've not looked back. Perhaps I should do a post on Photonessa and Bumblebee - my phone and laptop.

Another milestone would be my very first comment; that gave me a heady feeling. It's like someone not merely dropped by, but thought enough of your post to write something about it. That's how I felt until I actually saw the comment
      "Young Kenyan boy this was below your potential please never put this kind of post on a blog if you want followers" I was down but I responded well
     "Why? The blog is called "Random Thoughts…" these are my random thoughts!!" They were anonymous so they probably never saw it.

Next was placing fifth in a blogging competition for Kenyans. I must admit though I heavily rigged for myself, to a point, but it was still a good feeling to place so highly among other more experienced bloggers. I think also in this category comes things like getting one of my posts in the newspaper (through another blogger), because it was one of the reasons I started blogging. Unfortunately the post was completely plagiarized without any attribution, I wrote about it here but at the time I wasn't too bummed about that. Also, being nominated for story of the month on the StoryMoja blog was a good moment.

I'd also like to appreciate getting regular(ish) commenters. Here I'd like to point out two people in particular: @joliea and @sgyreju. @joliea deserves mention because she was the most frequent commenter in the early days of this blog. Every post I put up I could be sure that she'd be there to say something even if it was just "Good post!!!" or "I liked this". For that I'm so eternally grateful. @joliea has since disappeared from the online scene but I'm sure she still comes by regularly. If you're reading this @joliea I miss you awfully. These days, @sgyreju is the most consistent commenter. She may not comment on every post, but when she does you can be sure it'll be profound and insightful. That makes me happy.

Lastly, a special mention to all those I've meet and become friends with because of this blog. It's one of the most amazing things about the blog it's expanded my horizons to places and people I'll never have met without it. Of the top of my head I can think of @surerogers, @chiira, @i_am_feisty, @randomshing, @joliea, @buggz79 and of course @savvykenya. Savvy is the real reason I started blogging. You could call her my mentor; she's has given me a lot of advice on blogging and being online. I wrote about meeting her here.
Someone once said I have a crash on her because of how I talk about here, and they may be right ;). Her blog is want I want mine to be like when it grows up. Yeah she's awesome.

Those are the most defining moments I can think of. Of course this should only be the beginning; you know bigger things for the future and stuff. I think the next thing would be to make money of this blog, right? Thank you all for coming back every post. Peace!!!