Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm seeing a shrink

So remember my weird really pissed of post, the one I wouldn't allow y'all to comment on? And remember I said I wanted to see a psychiatrist but couldn't seem to get to it? Well at the pressing of one of my dearest friends I finally got round to doing it.

Yeah, some weeks back I went to see one in a very informal type meeting. Her phone kept ringing and I also kept tweeting. My friend was there also I guess for moral support and its was in a public place not I some office where you lie down and talk incessantly about yourself and your feelings.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I was fifth!!!:)

Hey guys! It's been a minute hasn't it? I'm sorry I've been dealing with some issues so I wasn't doing much of anything. Did you guys notice that the Kenyan Blog contest ended recently?(Okay not so recently! I've been gone for quite a while and I'm not even quite sure if I'm coming back yet, sorry?) Well it is and you'll never guess where I placed! I was fifth that isn't bad for a relatively new blog is it?

So I had envisioned a whole acceptance speech dancing around my head from the very minute I heard of the contest. I thought I'd place better than 5, I guess that was my arrogance and pride there, I told you before that I believe that I'm the best in everything I do, anyway since I placed fifth and that my "opponents" where far more experienced and mature than me I'm still very proud of myself and will regal and probably bore you with a thank you speech.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The girl called Mich

This post is for a girl called Mich. She's someone extremely special to me and since she's so special she gets a post all for herself! One of my very first posts was about her, back then I called her M but now I have her permission to use her name.