Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vacation to Kisumu and environs.

Hey everyone!! It's been awhile since I last did a post and I've been wondering what to write about. As this blog is about my random thoughts and feelings so I guess I can write about anything I feel about and y'all will have to read about it, won't you?:) That might sound arrogant but hey I'm right, aren't I?

Last week I was in Kisumu and its surrounding environs and towns. I travelled on my birthday. I know most people would've  waited to celebrate their birthday's first then travelled but I haven't really celebrated a birthday in the last 8 or 9 years. Sad, I know, but then again my life has really been a happy one in past years but more on that in another post if I ever get the courage to tell the world about it. So I went to Kisumu, on my birthday. Why?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Things I thank Mase for.

Its been almost three and a half years since I joined boarding school and one and a half since I left. Its an experience that defined and continues to define my life...
A little background info: When we moved to Kenya from Zambia I joined St.Mary's Nairobi doing KCPE syllabus(This wasn't what I'd expected but that is a story for another post). I stayed there for 4 years until form 2 when I changed to Maseno. Why? That's part of the story for another post already mentioned.
So whats this post about? It's about all the things I'm greatful to Maseno for. Most of them have to do with adaptation that has became a part of who I am. Things that its taught me and given me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My weekend home alone...

So I'm sitting in the balcony at my dad's place, writing this post and thinking of exactly how to do it. I have been out here i a while and it feels good to be out in the fresh air of Uppah. My sister is in one of her moods because she's coming back from her weekend with my mum. She always comes back like this and I'm wandering if its really doing her any good but thats a story for another post...

Today's post is actually about my weekend. This last one. And no its not one of crazier ones. Its was actually quiet normal and boring. I was home alone this weekend. For most my age that would've been the perfect excuse to throw a party or go out all weekend but I didn't do any of that. On Friday I went to school and came directly home to watch movies. Saturday I was in church most of the day though later I went to my friends house to pick up some cables I'd asked him to get for me. Sunday I woke up to find the day overcast so there went my plans for swimming and also the electricity had gone, so I began to read His Dark Materials:The Golden compass.

So thats how I spent my weekend. Pretty dull, right? And this weekend got me thinking,well actually been thinking about it for a couple of weeks on and off sub-consciously, am I normal teenager? Normal teenagers would have gone crazy but I didn't. Its not the first time. For me I would comfortably spend a weekend alone with my girlfriend watching movies and lazying around doing a lot of nothing or with my best friend telling stories and watching movies. Unfortunately for me, my best friend left the country in Dec for school and I have no girlfriend.

On Saturday I found out there was a birthday party for a friend(?) of mine that people had gone to in L.A. I didn't get an invite so I only found out like at 10.p.m and by that time buses out of Uppah had died and i was too broke to take a taxi anywhere. But it got me thinking...Why hadn't I gotten an invite? And why hadn't any one tried to call me to ask wether I could make it? After all I knew(I was later to hear) most of the people at the party.

I came to the conclusion that it was because I wasn't part of that crew. After all all the people there were from L.A and had grown up together so I was kinda an outsider. I don't think think they did it on purpose though. Let me explain the crew dynamic and what I mean by crew. A crew is a group of people with something in common that binds them together. It could be that you grew up together or that you go/went to the same school. These are the people you're tight with,you gel together and enjoy each others company. They're also the people you call when ever you have an event you want to celebrate or generally just hang out. Still it stings that no one thought of inviting me.

So back to what I was saying I've recently coming to the realization that I have no friends that I can randomly call to over at my place when its free. And I'm wandering why that is...and I realize that after my best friend left the country I've been kind of lonely when it comes to someone you can just call over and chill with. Someone you can get bored with and still say you where having fun. So I've came to the realization that I relied on my best friend a little more than I realized...

This is the balcony after I was finished writing...
So why did I put up this post? I just need to vent and to ask all of you:Am I normal? Let me know what you think in the comments.Btw I realized, while writing this, there is someone I could call but they're so far away right now.PEACE!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Test blog...O,1,2,3!!

Okay...yesterday for the three hours I was supposed to be doing Remote Desktop accessing I was trawling the web looking for an app that would allow me to comfortably blog from my phone and also it had to free, before you call me cheap Kenya is still a little behind when it comes to online transactions. So after an almost three hours search I found a few...but most where not free and even the one I'm using now is a demo for 30 days.

So what app I'm I using? Its called wavelog and so far its been cool. I haven't had the time to check out its full features but I thought I'd test out its basic features with this post. So I'm going to try post this now.PEACE!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things every girl should be thankful for...

So I've been thinking of what I'll put for my new blog post for the last couple of weeks and just couldn't make up my mind. So many ideas but no executions at all... Also I found a couple of things I wrote out a long time ago and I've been debating wether to post them here, I still haven't decided yet, they're of a rather personal nature but be sure you'll see them some day.

I was also shocked to get requests request to update my blog from to of my followers on twitter,@deadly_halo and @Mousse013 which is extremely gratifying. It lets me know that someone out there is reading, likes what they read and wants more. Cheers to them both! Now on to the post.

So I'm one person who likes to look at people. Everywhere I go I'm looking at the people I'm passing on the streets, in church, in the papers, in class and on TV. But I don't do it to notice chics curves(which I still notice :) but for peoples facial expressions and for the clothes and shoes(mostly chics) people wear. So with all this there are several things I've noticed and want to talk about. Some of these things I hate, some of them I love and the rest I have no opinion of. But all of them are thing chics should be extremely thankful for.

To start with stunnas. These things have became a permanent part of chics wardrode. You'd be hardpressed to find a fashionsavvy girl on the stress with out a pair on or in her hand bag. Now with all my looking I've noticed that a girl with these things on becames a great degree hotter than they really are. Think about it. They hide half the girls face and an extremely vital part of her flyness/whackness;her eyes. They make the girl look mysterious and leave you wandering what or who she was looking at... Totally not fair for us dudes! But I personally I'm indifferent about them so if you're to meet me with them on I wouldn't care to much about them.

Next weaves, extensions and wigs. These things are that girsl use/put that I hate most. As in I get why you'd have to wear them but I doesn't mean I like them. First of all most of you get really really poor jobs done! The hair looks synthetic and totally not yours, with your very bad hair showing underneath or worse, the places you were plaited. Even the ones well done still annoy because you're blatantly lying to the world(read guys) about your hair. As someone who has a thing for girls with long hair I take this extremely personal! DEATH TO ALL WEAVE!!!

Skinny jeans. Probably the one thing every girl needs in her wardrobe and I'll drink to that. These jeans serve the dual purpose of making you're legs look superhot while hiding them completely and highlight your curves. No problems of cellulite(Yes, I know what it is) or scars and bruises espeacially the knees. These can make any girl look good, except the really fat, and every girl should own a pair or five. And ladies experiment with bright colours.

Knee length boots. There is just something about a pair of well worn boots that say look at me I'm superdoper confident and I know I'm fine. Still on shoes its unfair that girls can get a pair of shoes at 2soc and also that they have so much variety!

For now I think thats all I have to say. Think about what I've said then tell me what you think in the comments or tweet me. Also what else(fashion-wise) do you think girls should be thankful for.

On a breif side note:Men in Nairobi really don't have much of a dress sense but then again do we have options? Until the next post...PEACE!!!