Friday, February 26, 2010

Poetry for my old(?) flame...

I wrote this for someone I love and care for very much but shit wasn't isn't working. It was written back when I was in high school(which wasn't that long ago) so anyway here it is:

I don't know what to say
Though my love grows day by day
I feel as if you keep pushing me away
And i wander if you want to stay

My emotions are getting strained
My heart is get pained
Am getting drained
And am feeling constrained

I don't know what this is
But I wish it wasn't like this
Coz it's still you I miss
And still hope to kiss

So i need to know what you want
To live in this confusion I can't
I know this is kind of blunt
My love you can't daunt

My lord, this girl was difficult, she just could make up her mind, first we were going out,then sudden we weren't and she wanted us to be friends and then she said I should wait for to finish school.

All this time I took all her undecision in stride(I only ever lost my temper once. I blasted her hard but she had really really annoyed me,talking a lot) We still talk when ever she's around. So I can still hope, can't I? Peace!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Virtual game block? Doubt it...

savvykenyaSo on Sunday I posted a tweet that resulted in a conversation on twitter between me and Savvy ,writter of The Dairy of a Kenyan Campus Girl, that had me thinking of a new blog post. I've posted it here so that you get what I'll be talking about....

cdohnio: I'm sure its just me
but I'm finding it difficult to
maintain vybe with a chic...

savvykenya: @cdohnio but
you can maintain vybe with a

cdohnio: NKT! Don't be
silly!! :) I didn't mean it like
that... RT @ ssavvykenya:
@cdohnio but you can
maintain vybe with a guy?

savvykenya: @cdohnio I
knew you what you
meant...maybe the two of
you arent meant to be..

cdohnio: @savvykenya
Friends with every girl I

savvykenya: @cdohnio are
you more than friends with
other girls you know?

cdohnio: @savvykenya No, I'm

savvykenya: @cdohnio not
even with one girl?

cdohnio: @savvykenya Nope.
Not even one...

savvykenya: @cdohnio not
even the one in your twicon?

cdohnio: @savvykenya The
one in my twicon is my
mother:). It goes back to what I
said earlier about difficulty...

savvykenya: @cdohnio no
need to try n explain...we can
let that go!

cdohnio: @savvykenya I think
I'll write a blog post about
it...mind if I feature this
conversation and your name?

savvykenya: @cdohnio not at
all..go ahead with the post
and send me a link when u
publish it.

So from the conversation you can tell (unless you're very slow) that I've been having probelms with vybing chics. Now don't get it wrong, there is nothing wrong with my game, infact I'll be as bold to say its as on point as ever! "So what does 'having probelms with maintaining vybe' mean" you may ask...

It means exactly what it says, but what it doesn't say is that I've been having this probelm on FB and texting. I can't speak for twitter because so far I don't have active vybees following or DMing me. Don't get it wrong in person I'm great... Stories are there. Jokes? Definately!! Compliments? On point! Things to talk about? Several! Timing? Impecable!(I'm not sure this is the correct spelling). But when it comes to talking to the vybees on FB or texting them I quickly lose syke and energy, espeacially if I can see the conversation hitting a deadend(where there no more questions to be asked) soon. As in, I just don't want to have to struggle thinking of more questions to ask and stuff. Why should it be my job to keep a virtual conversation going? Virtual conversations aren't the same as in person ones: You can't vybe as if you're right there with them. Stories are only great when you can tell them verbally so that you can create the right atmosphere for them,with jokes its the same thing, the atmosphere is equally as important.

So, how do I know this isn't just a probelm with my virtual game? After all, failing or finding difficulty would probably be the same thing someone with little or no virtual game. Well I know first of all because it me!! If there is something I know is that my game is great-all of it! Also because back in the day-two or three years back-I'd vybe several girls at the same time, virtually obviously, and all would be feeling me and I had no difficulty maintaining vybe!

So what happened in those two,three years? I went to boreding school in a far away land and my parents separated. The latter is the one still affecting me 'till today(remember I'm young) in ways you wouldn't/couldn't imagine. Perhaps one day I'll let y'all know what I mean so you can try imagine it.

Oh yeah, another thing thats in the conversation is that I'm not more than friends with any girl. Well, I don't think in my current state of mind I can maintain a relationship, I just don't have the energy to do so.

Also please note: I may be having difficulty vybing chics virtually it doesn't mean the ones I am struggling with ain't feeling me!!! MY GAME IS ALWAYS ON POINT!!

Special mention goes to Savvy for letting me use our conversation for this post and her name,actually its more her name coz I'd've used the conversation under a different name anyway. Y'all go check out her blog. Until next post...PEACE!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Exam week! And the best exam I ever did!

Last week, Friday, my lecturer announses that we'll be having our exam the next week Friday. Being that we'll only be having two exams for this whole course it coud be considered major!

Anyway he, the lecturer, goes on to talk about cheating and how he can tell when people are cheating but the things he was talking about were for catching amatuers! If he new all the skills my old classmates in high school developed he'd be shocked!! On that note I have to mention that I heard that Nairobi Uni uses CCTV for exams!!! As in WTF!!! Let the children copy,dub,lift and cheat! It doesn't mean they don't know...they just forgot on that particular day!

So I've know about the coming exams for a whole week but unfortunately I have been so so busy...what with all the series I had to watch,actually it was just one but three seasons,Avatar:The last Airbender,the book I had to read,The Secret Life of Bees, the people I had to see, Rodney in Yaya,twice, class itself and TV...I just didn't have time to study anything.

Okay the teacher gave us one day free, Thursday, so that we could study. I used that morning to finish Avatar and I must say that I just love that cartoon!! It didn't have a single boring episode. If you still watch cartoons I'd suggest you watch it! I decided to go to school so I could study, unfortunately I reached there I found that the internet was on so ofcourse I was distracted reading Savvy blog:The Dairy of a Kenyan Campus Girl...she writes well, I'd recommend it to every one! After 45min admin switched off the internet by which time I was in no mood for studying so I left to cut my hair and see Rodney. At Rodney's we made fun of the Ester Arunga and the finger of god nonsense. I personally don't care much that she joined a cult, maybe that she quit KTN but what really has me going is that she joined one called finger of god! The jokes that are going round on this on twitter are too funny! It must have been a tranding topic in Kenya! People on FB didn't take it up as much...they're boring! First it took forever for them to start commenting about it and even when they did, it was not anything funny!

After that rather busy day I returned home hoping that I might be able to study in the night. But after supper I went straight to my room, dropped on my bed and blacked out to wake up the next morning at 9! Nktest!

On Friday I woke up to find two missed calls from Paula,who was supposed to come to my house that day. She had come to the gate of my house but since I couldn't wake up she went back home! Nkt! So a dropped her a msg on FB and she told me she was on her way back. She was here until 12 after which meant that the morning was gone,again! I used the remaining two hours to the loo,on the bus,on the streets on the way to school...everywhere possible.

I get to class early,first time this week, and find everyone, except deski my deski, Ronzy, already there... I sit down and announce that I'll not be failing this exam so everyone must be prepared to enter dub mode! People laughed and began to make similar declarations. The teacher comes in a hand out the papers and immediately walks out!

:)And immediately the discussion begins. We're only 10 in class so I can't say we're shouting across the room but I like to imagine it like that! Unfortunately for me the rest of the class seemed to think I was the genius(which I am) in the room so I was the one always being asked for the answers! So annoying! Sometime you just wanna finish your work before people start bothering you for answers! It had back when I was in Saintz and I hated it then as much as I do now. How ever now as I think about it I guess its a compliment to my genius. Personally, I try not to use textbooks in exams to cheat,call it twisted morality but that doesn't mean I didn't encourage everyone else to use them:). All in all it was a stress-free exam and the only time we all got to talk properly. I loved it!!

Anyway I just found out that I'm on a 9day holiday 'till class starts again. I wonder what I'm going to do to fill that time. I wish my best friend was still here would've spent the week as his house. Anyway that's all for now.PEACE!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The challenge...MAD GAME!!

Have y'all(and at this point I'm not sure who coz no one follows this blog yet) ever been presented with a challenge,by someone who didn't know you, unconsciously? You know,like through their feelings or attitude? No? Well that wouldn't be so so shocking,you have to be able to read them first and, thankfully, thats one of my many talents.

Well there this girl I know from chruch,lets call her M, she hadn't really come to my attention much before but somehow one Saturday(yes,I'm SDA) I happened to find myself talking to her and I felt this distinct chill eminanting from her. Now understand this:I'm the type of person who loves to be liked and I have the gifts necessary for making this happen. So I turned up the charm expecting her to be won over in a few minute or atleast the chill coming from her to recede but it didn't. Infact I could say it was like she increased it...

I was shocked! Chics usually didn't react this way to me!! Come on I'm cdohnio!! This didn't happen to me often so I double my efforts but nothing happened to the chill coming from her. NKT!! Then it hit me...she's doing this intentionally,for some reason she had actually consiciously decided that she wouldn't be charm or swayed by anything I'd say that today. I saw or rather felt this in one second and in the next had made a decision.

I took this as a challenge so I decided to try to get as much as her nature(you could say personality but nature feels more right) as I could. I could tell she was highly intelligent, very practical, well read, she wouldn't be fooled by flattery and she didn't like me for some reason! But from just that I could see my in,she's well read! Not many people really paid attention to the fact I liked books but I really love to read. So I changed the conversation towards books and I could tell I had found the clink in her amour,her Achilles heel,the flaw in her armour!!

Anyway the rest is history! We're really really good friends these days... So what was my point in writing all this? The lesson to be learnt is that I HAVE MAD GAME!!!:-D! PEACE!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A particularly good day!

Today was an exceedingly good day...I've been in a good mood all day and there wasn't once I felt depressed or pissed at anyone or anything,a rare occurence these days,but even more than this is the fact that I was happy the whole time...
[image from]

I woke up at 8.40 or there about,this is earlier than usual because for me its usually 10 or later. What? I have class only in the afternoon from two. Infact I wake up at 10 coz of school so that I can have both breakfast and lunch! Otherwise I'd be waking up between 11.30am and 2pm!! Anyway after waking up I had breakfast and then showered,unfortunately I couldn't watch cartoons as I had to be else where early. As I dress up I thought of the coming day and the things I had to get done,I was kinda nervous about how one would get done but being me I looked in the mirror,saw near perfection and left the house.

My first stop was Strathmore Uni,Mada where I was meeting with a really good friend of mine called Tutu. He was going to give me the rubber ear things for my borrowed bluetooth headset, I had recently lost one side in church. While there we talked a bit of the argument we'd had last weekend with some friends of ours and of this party we planned to go to this weekend at his girlfriends crib.I then left for town for my next "meeting".

Now this "meeting" was supposed to at 11am but it was like 11.15 when I called her (from the matatu on my way to town,the jam at Nyayo seems everlasting,always there when I'm using that road) and asked her wether we were still on and she says yes she's on her way. So I alight at Railways and make my way to the Galitoes on Moi Av. I reach and call her,she tells me something like she's on her way, so I stand outside Galitoes looking like jobless,plotless niggah!! I hate that-standing around doing nothing-so I begin to contemplate going jobless corner but it was already midmorning so it was packed. I call her again still the same thing,I began to question my judgement on agreeing to meet like this...then suddenly she calls and say I go to Bata.

I head towards Bata and make a decision to instead take her to Steers for icecream.I reach Bata and begin to wander whether I'll recognize her,it'd been more than 2 year but luckily I did. We head for Steers,where we buy ice-creams-actually I bought,the gentleman always-and head upstairs to catch up. It was so much fun!! She actually talks!! That is,like, the most important thing for me! She didn't expect me to maintain a one-sided conversation. Aahhh,it was a relief... So it was getting towards the time I had class,so she was like I should let her leave so I wouldn't be late so I offered to take her to her stage-again,gentleman.

By the time I was headed back towards school it was already 2pm by the city clocks but I knew the teacher was never exact on time,though I was still the last person into class. Thank God class is air-conditioned!! The heat in Nairobi in Nairobi these days is unforgiving!! I even woke up at night to ask myself what was up with the heat!! Class was cool...was horribly sleepy though the first hour:-)

After class went to meet my boy,Nick, at his school near Jevanjee Gardens,Zetech College, he was adding software to his laptop. We're going home together. On the way to the stage I met Jero! Its was a pleasant enough surprise. She looked good though she said she was sick apparently because of stress,I feel for her. We talked of having lunch(actually I did,she had totally been ignoring me on Twitter) she said in 3weeks coz she has exams. Well that works well for me,my class would cut any lunch me and her would have any time sooner...

Nick and I continued towards the Posta bus stop and immediately we get on to the bus it beginnings to rain. We go to my place because its close and Nick had his laptop,I change my shoes and immediately it stops raining we head for his house in West. After we drop the laptop we head to Strath to see Paula and Diana...Nick and Diana seem to be getting really really close. Nick says he ain't doing anything consciously and he doesn't want it to go anywhere but I can see a very close relationship developing there...we'll see where it goes.

That was a fitting end to a really good day. Hanging with Paula is always stress and thought free. I like that. Anyway that's it from me for now...There's a party on Sato...I'll definately have something to say about it when its done:-) PEACE!!

Second impressions

Soo...the teacher didn't come today,apparent he/she wasn't feeling well and I'm thinking:Really? The fact they were paid last week and had 2 massive matches Sunday night had nothing to do with it? So anyway the class begins officially tomorrow...

All we did to day was receive the course material...which btw is one thick ass book and a smaller booklet...(see the accompaning picture)I went through the book and I find myself thinking What the Hell have I signed myself up for? I've never been a hardware person, software has always been my passion, and I'm wandering if I can hack it to my usual super genius standards....hmmm,only time will tell though I'm going to try my very best!

Thats all for now,PEACE!!!

First impressions

Okay so right now am sitting in class and we're about 9 students so sure the rest are a little our teacher... Everyone is still at that stage of wierd silence but am sure before long we'll be making lots of noise...

Unfortunately for me there're like only three girls in class and all look older than me and not so very fly or even mordern,hmmm...however that won't stop me from making friends with them... The dudes in class also look unmodern(most are dressed in some extremely formal clad,like they go to Strath, except two). I haven't talkwd to any of them but again it won't be long...

I just realised I haven't said where or what am doing...I'm taking the A+ class at Computer Pride so far I can't say anything of the class but I'll talk of the room...white walls,flourescent lighting,air con in the back and fan hanging on the cealing. The machines themselve don't look so antiquated,acer LCD screen's and CPU's running WinXP pro,with dual core pentium processor,2ghz and 2.75gb ram....quite impressive if you ask me...

Still haven't met the teacher....I'll let you'll know how that goes later...for now.Peace!!!


Note: I wrote this back when the iPad was first launched

Okay, am not an tech expert and I've never even used the iPad but I've read the reviews of the pros and cons from some of the best and the this is waht I think of the iPad...

Its probably the very sexyest tablet ever just looks like a must have,but I wouldn't buy it just yet...

It still doesn't have the ability to multi-task which is like a major no-no. Which PC do you know that can't multi-task? Really how is anyone supposed to run anything functional on it? It means you can't even surf and edit word doc's while another app does something else...

It also has no USB ports...really, I kid you not. What PC comes without a single USB port...what happens to all the peripharals we might want to connect? Or flash discs? Or even external HDs? Really does this mean that all this will need to be redone to accomodate the iPad?

It lacks a camera... my lord,how did Jobs miss this one? It would've been so so cool so be able to video chat from it...

It still can't play flash... with over 70% of the web built on flash this will be a major inhibitor for this device... its not like the iPhone in which people just assume,it was built for the web yet won't access most of it...

It lacks handwriting recognition... this would've been a major selling point for students everywhere as we'd carry it into class and lectures and smiply write all our lectures digimode...

It still a pretty much locked down device software-wise... all apps install on it must be from the Apple App store... this for me has to be the major inhibiting factor... it means that Apple has complete control on every peice of software you use with it... meaning that even if the software's free if Apple thinks its not good for you then it'll never see the light of day,this I read happened with Google voice, in fact this should be considered illegal,kind of like a monopoly because I have to ask would Apple allow another company open an app store? Anyway this isn't a phone,it's a PC and I'd like to be able to install any and all apps I feel like or if the option ever comes change the OS completely...

Anyway as you can see the Ipad has several issues,how they'll be solved is something I look forward to seeing... also it should be noted that now that Apple has opened everyone's mind to tablets we should prepare to see other companies launch their own tablets (Microsoft have had several before iPad) already I hear of a Android (Google's mobile OS) tablet out this year too... lets wait and see how it turns out...

Kindly add what else you think is wrong and also good with the iPad in the comments.