Friday, December 17, 2010

The sides of my Ego

I feel like writing and all I can seem to think about right now is my ego...more on why in a bit. So I'll talk about the sides of my ego.

Monday, December 13, 2010


 So this is another guest post by another firend of mine! Actually the girl I told you about here and here. Yeah Mich, that awesome awesome girl I told you about. Well she wrote this for my a long time ago and I was supposed to put it up back then but I've been busy and lazy! So anyway here it is now...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Question week:the End

So I couldn't do a whole week of posts. I'm sorry but I ran out of things to question, I don't know why. Maybe I have nothing else to question or I just haven't figured out what else I'm questioning in my life yet but when I do you'll be some of the first to know.

So this is the official end of questioning week. I like to think I tried my best and I really  hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. So what was your favourite post? Let me know? Until next time, peace!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Questioning week:Dating

So this is the like the 4th day of questioning week and so far so good. I've been able to post something each day so far. Today we talk about dating and perhaps at the end you'll help me answer questions I have.
A coffee date

A date is an appointment or engagement, especially a social one with a member of the opposite sex. That's what my phone dictionary tells me, and I quite agree, anyone with a different interpretation feel free to share it in the comments. It’s a simple enough definition and we can begin with that. NOTE: This will be told from my point of view so it’ll be biased to what might be "the guy" side.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Questioning Week: God

Today I ask questions about God but before i do a little background would be good. My parents divorced some nearly 5 years ago. Since then things haven't been exactly easy for my mum. She's always been short on cash and can't seen to be able to do much. She's a very strong Christian. My dad has had smooth sail as far as I can tell, very well paying top job and new wife. He has lives quite comfortably. I've never seen him in a church or praying in all my life.

My mum believes that my dad will one day pay for the sins he has committed, and believe me they're not small ones, that God will have the last word, that her blessing is coming. Well that last word is taking its sweet time to arrive! I'm not trying to be blasphmas or anything but there's only so much time someone can wait.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Questioning Week: Religion

Today I'm going to talk about religion. I'm not so sure how long I can write about it so we'll see how far I go. I'm a Christian and to be more specific Seventh Day Adventist. I go to church on Saturday while most other Christians do this on Sunday.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Questioning Week: Love and Friendship

I promised I'd do a post a day and I'm trying to do my best to do so. Today we actually start the very first topic of my questioning week, love. This seemly complex thing that we all seek after in one way or another.

My dictionary describes love as an intense feeling of deep affection or a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. But when ever most of use use it we're talking about out boyfriends or girlfriends and the second description. Even then its not a word we use casually.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Questioning Week

I'd been reading a blog(Rainbow Amoeba's Petri Dish) that had something she called Questioning Week. She had just moved her blog to a new site and was also celebrating the 4th Anniversary since the evening in her own words
"during which I realized I needed to reconsider my assumed and never questioned heterosexuality, I thought I might as well tell the story of what exactly happened then."
I encourage you all to go read the 7 posts she did because in my opinion they're great pieces that I might even one day feature here.(If she allows that is)

So what am I saying with all this? Well I was inspired to question several things that confuse me and see if I could get honest answers about what I think and feel about various things that I've always taken for granted. This whole week starting today, until when I run out of things to question, hopefully 7 days from now, I'll be questioning something different each day. I'll try to be as honest as possible. I don't want to say what they all are now because I want you to check in tomorrow and the day after but I will say that the first will be love. See you tomorrow for what I think will be a rather interesting post(If i may say so myself:)). Peace!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I know I've been gone...

But as you may have realised... or not, the post I put up a few minutes ago was one of sometimes back, I think almost 2 months. So just to make it clear I haven't quit blogging, y'all would miss me too much anyway! So where I have I been the last two months?

I'm quitting blogging (&Why I blog)

Yesterday I had a security breach on the laptop I use to write the posts I put up for you. No, my posts for you aren’t so important that someone would spend their time trying to hack my laptop trying to steal them as creative secrets(Though to me they are) and anyway the laptop is never connected to any network.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hey y'all! Yes, I already have another post for you already! I don't know how long this momentum will maintain but recently I keep finding more and more stuff to write about. Also I really don't have to much to do in the evenings because well the assignments haven't really kicked in. So for now I have much to write.

The other weekend my cousin, yes the one featuring in the last post and one before it, invited his girlfriend from home to school,with her sis, who he was trying to hook me up with.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fresha papped!!

I wrote this a while back but my phone mem-card decided it's misbehaving and got a virus or bug of some sort and I had to format it. And this post was on it so I had to write it again which I'm sure it'll not be as awesome as when I first penned it but know I'll try my best.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guest post: Sunset

This is a short story written by one of my best friends. It's my very first guest post so I look at it as part of the growth of my blog. You know showing that other people don't mind their work appearing here and actually might appreciate it being put up. Look out for another guest post soon!! 

Sunsets always brought out the beauty I wanted to see. Every day, the sunset looked different to me. That day, I had been looking at the sunset for a really long time. As the sun continued to set, I saw everything in a new light. It was the most beautiful blend of colors ranging from orange to pink and just the lightest touch of purple. It reminded me of him and what he meant to my life.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Campus and music

Too soon to be doing another post? Have you even fully digested the last one? It's okay you can read both of them! Right? Anyway I'm in my room at about 10.30pm, not really trying to sleep but in bed none the less, phone in my hand and it hits me there's a lot of noise in the background.

I pause to listen and I hear about 4 different sources of music and sound all seemly competing to overpower the rest.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The first campus post!:)

Okay ladies and gentlemen! This is the very first post coming direct from my campus!! The first campus-post! Yeah I joined campus, finally, in Maseno! It's written in two parts, the first were the thing's written on the first day I arrived in the morning and mostly on the registration line. Everything else was after! This is not conclusive, I'm still organising my thoughts, but it'll have to do until I can give you something more solid. Hopefully this means a return to more regular blogging for me!*Fingers crossed*

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm seeing a shrink

So remember my weird really pissed of post, the one I wouldn't allow y'all to comment on? And remember I said I wanted to see a psychiatrist but couldn't seem to get to it? Well at the pressing of one of my dearest friends I finally got round to doing it.

Yeah, some weeks back I went to see one in a very informal type meeting. Her phone kept ringing and I also kept tweeting. My friend was there also I guess for moral support and its was in a public place not I some office where you lie down and talk incessantly about yourself and your feelings.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I was fifth!!!:)

Hey guys! It's been a minute hasn't it? I'm sorry I've been dealing with some issues so I wasn't doing much of anything. Did you guys notice that the Kenyan Blog contest ended recently?(Okay not so recently! I've been gone for quite a while and I'm not even quite sure if I'm coming back yet, sorry?) Well it is and you'll never guess where I placed! I was fifth that isn't bad for a relatively new blog is it?

So I had envisioned a whole acceptance speech dancing around my head from the very minute I heard of the contest. I thought I'd place better than 5, I guess that was my arrogance and pride there, I told you before that I believe that I'm the best in everything I do, anyway since I placed fifth and that my "opponents" where far more experienced and mature than me I'm still very proud of myself and will regal and probably bore you with a thank you speech.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The girl called Mich

This post is for a girl called Mich. She's someone extremely special to me and since she's so special she gets a post all for herself! One of my very first posts was about her, back then I called her M but now I have her permission to use her name.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another fashion rant

Okay it's been a while that I've done a post on fashion so today I'm taking the time out of very empty schedule to bless you all with my knowledge. Before we go on, I have no idea why my fashion posts never get any comments even though I'm usually telling you guys the truth as I see it. And I'm always right.:) So know on to the rant.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My depression

There's something horribly wrong with me, I've not been feeling good at all emotionally and I'm not sure what it is. For the past one week or so I've been having really weird mood swings. And it's gotten so bad I actually slapped my sis today morning. Yes, she was being unusually unreasonable but still thinking back at it, there where better ways to deal with the situation. Though this isn't exactly the first time I've felt like this this particular bout feels particularly worse.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vote for me!

@eGichomo recently launched his Kenya Blog Contest asking people to vote for their favourite Kenyan blog. Voting is currently on going and as of the time of writing this post this blog was leading with 33 votes. Thanks guys! However polls will close on 30th of this month after which the winner will be announced. There are three categories:
Art Award: Recognition and appreciation of poetry. Creativity, choice of words, originality and show of talent.
Beauty Award: Best layout, design, cool features, attractiveness and finest integration of themes and magnificence.
Action Award: Pursuit of ingenuity. Most interactive and frequent in content update.

We're only under the Action Award category(I don't know why I'm not in the beauty award. I really worked hard on the design and layout of this blog*sulking*) So this is an appeal, an appeal for you to vote for me! Please? I like winning, and I'm sure with your help I can do it! You can vote by clicking on the image now competing for attention with the blog title at top of this page, the vote for me image above or just clicking here. Also be sure to vote for people in the other categories, but only after you've voted for me:). If you know how to rig do so, after all this is Kenya:-D (I just couldn't resist) 30th is a long way away let's hope we still winning then. Here's to me winning. Peace!!

(Image credit: Google Images)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drug Addiction

A bottle of Recipect® over-the-counter cough m...Image via Wikipedia
Today I'm in a weird mood and as always when that happens I do an unusual post. I've been thinking about addiction a lot recently. I'll let you know why in a moment. First definition:
Drug addiction is a state of periodic or chronic intoxication produced by the repeated consumption of a drug (natural or synthetic). Its characteristics include: (i) an overpowering desire or need (compulsion) to continue taking the drug and to obtain it by any means; (ii) a tendency to increase the dose; (iii) a psychic (psychological) and generally a physical dependence on the effects of the drug; and (iv) detrimental effects on the individual and on society. (Wikipedia)

Recently, I was very sick with the flu on some very powerful meds which would cause me to fall asleep within 10 minutes. Yeah, powerful stuff. After a few days on them, it was probably 4 days, I became quite used to to the feeling it gave me when I took it: it was like a comfortable sleepy feeling, it made me feel content and sent me into a rather restful dreamless sleep. I actually began to look forward to taking my meds at the end of the day. When my dose was finally over I actually wanted to continue taking them.:) 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Drop the world...

I've got ice my veins
Blood in my eyes
Hate in my heart
Love on mind
I've seen nights full of pain
Days are the same
You keep the sunshine
Save me the rain
I search but never find
Hurt but never cry
I work and forever try
But I'm cursed so never mind
And its worse but better times seem further and beyond
The top gets higher the more I climb
The spot gets smaller and I get bigger
Trying to get in where I fit in no room for a nigga
But soon for a nigga it'll be on mother fucker
Coz all this bullshit makes me strong mother fucker

These are the lyrics constituiting the first verse of Lil' Wayne's song Drop the World ft Eminem. Lil Wayne is one of my favourite artists and Eminem is my favourite artist. I like this particular song because I feel it describes me perfectly past, present and hopefully future.

So what do I mean by this let me give you an example:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear cdohnio... (letter to my 13 year old self)

Yesterday @Chiira tagged me in one of his posts, "To thirteen year old me", and that tasked me to write a letter to the thirteen year old me. Wow, 13 years old, that was a good year. It was a handful of years back. what would I say to myself?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Looks are deceiving (Random Acts of Kindness pt2)

This is the follow up post on Random Acts of Kindness in which I promised to say something more about this incident:
Once I was walking down the steps of the brigde at Posta City Square when this old lady, some way a head of me, dropped her bag and it rolled down the steps. I watched expecting someone to give her a hand and pick it up for her but no one did. I waited for a bit but nothing. I had to get ahead of her and picked it up for her. She was already carrying a lot and if she had bent to pick up that bag she might have dropped a lot more.

So a few days after this happened I happened to catch a conversation on radio about how women dress and whether that should be the thing that attracts people most to a girl. Whether a girl should judged on what she's wearing. One person said that he doesn't care what's on the outside only the inside. And I thought what bullshit! Let me explain.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Today's post is a simple one. As the title suggests its all about acts of kindness that I've seen and or done in this great nation of ours, Kenya. I've had the opportunity to interact with several people in my still young life and I hope to interact with several more. One thing I've realised is that the way we treat the people can and probably will affect us and the person for some time to come.

While this post is about kindness, I feel it would be unfair not to include this; the way one person in an institution treats a person may determine how someone feels about it for the rest of their lives. I'll forever take this to heart as I go through life and when I start my own company.

Anyway onto the random acts of kindness:

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thank YOU!

This is a new month and with it has come several things to be greatful for! Infact it's because of that I'm doing this post. At the time of writing this I'm feeling very content. Its the night after an awesome event, Wamathai's Spoken Word.

@Wamathai was celebrating the birthday of his poetry and short story blog There was quite a crowd there! We, i.e Kenyan bloggers, are so very proud of him! He has proved that big things can come from blogging.

I meet so many people there and one of my favouite bloggers was performing, @Savvykenya. I was there to support her and I think I over did it with the shouting and the cheering because someone called me a groupie. Hmmm, that wouldn't be far off but I won;t explain that here or now, maybe in a future post. Did I mention she was in a green dress? I didn't?? Well she looked hot!!

But even she had nothing on on someone who I consider to have been the best dressed of the night, @Joliea. She have on a purple shirt with a pair of fitting 3\4 shorts.(these are becaming increasingly fashionable, perhaps another trend?) She looked stunting! There were other ladies there looking good but for me she stood out. It's unfortunate but I didn't get a picture!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DAWA, The Film at the Goethe Institute

So yesterday I went for the screening of DAWA at the Goethe Institute right here in Nairobi. It was a free screening and I had time. Its a 9 min independent film shot in Kampala and directed by Mark Kaigwa, a Kenyan. I went there expecting to see, well, I'm not sure, an maybe just okay film but I was pleasantly surprised.

The film is a comedy about, I forget their names because I'm generally horrible with names, so I'll say a man and his grandson, who are small time con men (they do the blind man and helper hustle). The grandson is discontent with the amount of money the blind hustle is giving them and wants to go shags to make some real money.

It's the end of Yu and me

This is a brief continuation from yesterday's post on yu. After all that BS with the internet and customer care they went and made sure they did everything and I do mean everything to completely lose me as a customer!!! Yesterday I was angry now I'm fucking livid!!

On my way to the Goethe Institute, where the film DAWA was showing (More on this in a bit), my credit finished! I was like wow! That was 150bob in one day! I was already looking forward to getting home and changing the accursed line! I went a got myself some credit and loaded it in.

Monday, June 28, 2010

WTF? Is Yu effing serious?!!!!

I'm so very angry!!! Let me explain why. Today I'm to twitter and @Mwirigi tweet that Yu(cellular network here in Kenya) data had now increased to sh10/mb. I was naawwwww!!!! Really? Why would they do that!? So I called customer care to find out if things had changed and was informed by a very nice lady that nothing had changed and things were still at sh3/mb. So I heaved a sigh of relief and went about my business.
But some time around midday my phone begins to have connection probelm and I check my credit and it's at 0.01 I check my data usage and its at 5mb, exactly. So I'm like WTF!!!!! I call customer care and some dude, he'd better thank God I didn't get his name, rudely informs me that data has been at sh10 since April then hangs up! I know!!! I hadn't even finished talking to him!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Faithfulness - a myth?

I've been meaning to do this post for a while now but really haven't had the time or energy to do it. Immediately after Barcamp Nairobi I promptly feel sick! Yeah that’s right, I reached home and my flu symptoms went through the roof! I got a fever and headache so I took the next two days off!(Turns out it was a week, this post has been sitting in drafts for some time) So I'm here today back at work (and bored already).

This post is (was?) supposed to be a continuation from my last post and was supposed to have been done last week. I went out with my friends that weekend after Safaricom7s. We went obviously to Westy where we promptly got frozen at every joint we went to! All were asking for ID which we had but after they checked them they'd say 26 and over for dudes! Note: The honeys we were with weren't frozen once! WTF?! What the point of having an ID if you can't even get in to clubs? I always thought that we were given ID specially to let us into clubs and buy alcohol! Stupid idiots! Anyway we managed to sneak into Changes which was CROWDED!!! Everywhere was! It was a great time out!

But that’s not what this post is about today post is about something that happened earlier. While we waited at my boy's house we regaled each other with stories of our past sexual exploits. And of course this story came up because the main actor in it was there (it was his house). Anyway as we went on talking the dude, I called him Tee last time, right? Well he told us that his girlfriend had found out he wasn't being faithful.

Monday, June 21, 2010


I know it's been a while since I did a post and I'm sorry. I've been unwell for the better part of the last week so I haven't been going to work, or doing much other than sleep, eat and watch TV. I had been working on a post but I didn't finish it and now I don't know if it'll ever be completed and leave my drafts. Anyway while I've been gone I've been thinking about this blog and the direction I want it take.

So I've been thinking about what I want to share with you guys. When I started this blog I wanted to be able to write what ever I felt like when I felt it but ever time I begin to write a deeply personal post I begin to think of who might see it and what they might think. Also I want to get hits (vain, I know but hey*shrug*) but I want to vent! So I'm kinda torn.

Also there's the fact that I'm not exactly anonymous. I've met some of you and also some of my friends(who shouldn't know that its me writing) have linked me to here. So now I ask you guys if I write personal stuff here will it affect what you think about me? Of course it will but do you wanna read about it? Or would it be TMI? (too much info) That's today question. Do you really care? Let me know what you think in the comments! Peace!

(Image sourced from Google search; off this website:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I was mentioned in the paper! :) (And issues emerge)

This is continuation from yesterday's post, I told you I've been busy and there's much to write about.

On Friday I was at work reading the paper, Nation, when I came across the an article on asexuality. Usually I don't read the zuqka, mostly I peruse, prefer the Pulse by far, but asexuality was something I had actually talked about on my blog not so recently so I decided to read what they had to say about it.

Barely two sentences into the article(which already read familiar) I find myself mentioned! Yeah I won't lie...I was over the fucking moon!!!! This was/is the first time I was ever mentioned in the paper and for some of my intellectual work no less(Not because I killed my step mum, commited suicide, or just appearing in some stupid ad :-)) was really gratifying.

Anyway @Joliea, with my permission, asked if she could repost my post and I said yes. So she did, and she had linked her blog with her profile on the zuqka website and they picked it from there. While discussing it on twitter it hit me -and quite a few other people- that I was not properly accreditted in that article -neither was at @Joliea but for her its a little bit more complicated considering she signed up for zuqka- because though my name was mentioned no one could really know that it was this blog in particular.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Afternoon with SavvyKenya and the Imagine Cup.

I'm not even sure what to start writing about. So much has happened in the last 5 days and there's much to write about but I think I'll do a separate post for each separate thing. So where to start? Like I said there's much to be talked about, but we'll do it in chronological order starting with Thursday.

So on Thursday I was in the office doing my work as the intern. So I was kinda free and monitoring twitter quite closely and what do I notice there? @savvykenya tweeting about something called the Microsoft Imagine Cup where she was competing. So I asked her what it was about and if they allowed spectators. She said yeah so I decided to take the afternoon off (being an intern does have its benefits though I was asked after :) and go join her there.

So this was the first time I was meeting @savvykenya, but I read her blog and follow her on twitter, so I was rather nervous but I had recently decided to meet as many new people as possible so this was yet another opportunity. So I went!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Life as an Intern

So I've been an intern for like three weeks now at a small software company called ML. So I think I've been there long enough to tell you what life there is like. But first some random info.

There's only one other intern here (Yes I'm blogging from the office:) But I haven't seen him since last Friday(He turned up later) so I'll assume he's quit. There're about 10 employees max. We always start the day with a short devotion; singing, bible verses with some inspirational text and then prayer. The atmosphere is very relaxed (too relaxed in my opinion but hey I'm just an intern, right?). Oh yeah, and I do this pro-bono meaning I'm not paid.

My days here consist of surfing the net, tweeting, facebook and blogging. Mostly. Thats because I'm not really supervised and also that the work I'm given is simple to do. I go for lunch when I feel like and when I take the afternoon off (I just disappear and reappear the next day) I'm not missed.

It also means that I'm not really respected by the full time employees. I've not been shown any direct disrespect but their attitude towards me certainly suggested (it stopped after the first week) that there was something there. Their boss certainly treats us all the same, with respect, and that impresses me immensely.

A day in my intern life might also mean being compless (without a comp) because one of the programmers took your extension because heis work of chatting on some unknown social network (I think its called badoo, ever heard of it?) and checking videos on youtube interrupted of course by him doing some little work is more important than yours. Never  mind that when the boss walks in he always asks me what I'm doing (Not much either).

You get sent by everyone to do everything from buying the boss milk at the kiosk, credit for his PA to more important thinks like paying and picking tenders and checking for land rates at City Hall. By the end of one of these days, they aren't often, thank God, your so bloody exhausted you just wanna collapse on the bed!!

You get to see how people seem so oblivious to  things disappearing in the office. Several hard drives, RAM and DVD-ROMS disappeared from the programmers room and no one seemed to have seen anything. I found that hilarious because I had never seen anyone in that room except the programmers.

Most annoying is that you get given all the tasks the programmers can't or won't do properly. That includes testing their software (we programmers never notice our own mistakes), writing the user manual and brochures for that software (YAWN!!) and testing it again (they never get it right; I almost always point out the same mistakes).

Ofcourse all this doesn't mean I haven't learnt anything. I've learnt a lot about the probelms that a small software firm can face in this our Kenyan environment and I'll be sure to make sure that I correct this when my own company is launched. Shoot off in comments about your intern experiences. It would be good to know I'm not alone. Peace!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Kenya Blogger's Day (And Madaraka Day)

Today is Kenya Blogger's Day. I only just remembered, okay that's a lie I've been wondering about it since yesterday, but I've only just confirmed it now. It's also Madaraka Day with my country Kenya celebrating the 47th year of self rule from colonial Britain.

This is the first time I'm able to celebrate this day because I've only been a blogging for about 5 months. My first post was tech related and about the I-pad. Very boring if you don't care much about tech. But since then the blog has evolved into something I write about anything I feel like. The name also changed from Random thoughts... to what it is today, Private thoughts... because I felt that random thoughts was a little too common and not really what I felt the blog truly represents.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Creative Commons

So today I registered for a Creative Commons license here. Its free. I did this on the encouragement of nobodyouknow hereShe said that she had found copies of her works on other blogs and they hadn't even bother to attribute it back to her! Imagine! If I had found my creative genius(WHAT? This is my blog so I be conceited all I want. Hehehehe!!!) somewhere without my permission and no attribute back to me I'd flip!!! So she applied for a Creative Commons license so that at least she can be attributed to next time.

So after a lot of internal debate - I wasn't sure that I wanted to license my work because it might prevent people from reposting it at all - I decided to get one for my blog. While I haven't done a search for copies of my work anywhere, it's better safe than sorry, right?  But the license, which now resides at the bottom of each post, still allows you to copy my work to your blogs(I encourage it), websites and anywhere else you feel like but makes it a illegal to do so without attributing it to me and this blog.

Anyway at the end of the registration I was given a form to support the organisation by donating what ever I can. Unfortunately I don't have a Visa, or any credit card for that matter, so I couldn't push a few dollars their way. But as I thought of their noble initiative protecting lowly bloggers like myself I decided to support them by doing this post about them(All information here is available on the Creative Commons website)

What is CC?

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization

We work to increase the amount of creativity (cultural, educational, and scientific content) in “the commons” — the body of work that is available to the public for free and legal sharing, use, repurposing, and remixing.

CC provides free, easy-to-use legal tools

Our tools give everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions to their creative work. The Creative Commons licenses enable people to easily change their copyright terms from the default of “all rights reserved” to “some rights reserved.”
Some Rights Reserved
Creative Commons defines the spectrum of possibilities between full copyright and the public domain. From all rights reserved to no rights reserved. Our licenses help you keep your copyright while allowing certain uses of your work — a “some rights reserved” copyright.

So what are you waiting for? Go check the website out! If you have a blog or work online consider getting it licensed! Its FREE! I'm hoping this post will do in terms of support 'till I can afford to support them monetarily because they do great things. Btw the is this copying people work thing common? Or am I and nobodyouknow just being paranoid? Let me know in the comments! Peace!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Safaricom is a bully!!!!

So today Safaricom announced it full year results today. Apparently  Safaricom had turnover up 19.1% to Sh83.96b, subscribers up 18.2% to 15.79m ; dividend up 100% to Sh8b at 20cents a share and a profit of over sh20b. But along with that announcement that the Information PS  Ndemo annouces that the THE KENYA INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS (FAIR COMPETITION AND EQUALITY OF TREATMENT) REGULATIONS, 2010 been suspended to be reviewed! Nkt!!

Now I'm sure that most of you(Kenyans that is) have heard if not read about the aforementioned regulations. They mostly protect the smaller operators from bullying from the dominant player(Safaricom). It mostly(actually only, I think) deals with interconnection rates. So that means when Safaricom decides to raise interconnection rates they have to prove that they're doing it because their costs to do so have gone up. It also states that "A licensee shall maintain accounting separation techniques to be focused on the separation of revenues, costs and capital employed into categories in order to ensure that there is no discrimination between internal and external pricing in all services provided by the licensee."(Taken verbatim from the regulations)

I really don't see that as price control, do you? Even if it is it protects the consumer. And the fact that it's only Safaricom complaining should tell you the other players have no probelm with them. In fact some of them even praised the regulation! So why exactly are they being suspended? After all CCK is  supposed to look at all players as equal but hey Safaricom hates them so lets be their bitch and do exactly what they say!
Lets not forget that Safaricom is generally a crappy network with poor service(try call customer care and see when you get connected). I don't even know why Kenyan's seem hooked to that network! Most expensive data, voice and SMS charges in the country. Though I have to admit Safaricom does do innovation very well, M-pesa, 3G and now M-kesho. But I fear that Safaricom is becoming what people "Too big too fail".

Sp what brought on this short rant? Larry Madowo tweeted that Micheal Joesph(CEO Safcom) had asked him not to call over sh20 billion super-profits! Good Lord! Thats just bullshit! None of their competitor can even claim to make half(more likely quarter) of that profit AND very few companies in the region, East Africa not just Kenya, even come close. Anyway I just had to get that off my chest. I'm not an expert, businessman or even a business student. I'm just someone with an opinion and this platform to express it. What do you think? Comments are welcome. Before I go can someone tell me if I can be sued for this? Peace!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Am I really open minded?

I write this assuming what I say won't be judged, much. Most of the people who read this blog of mine are open minded people but sometimes there's a level where that open-minded ends for example while I don't judge homosexuals I can't stand it if two guys made out in front of me. I don't mind a girl and boy did it or even girl and girl but boy and boy gives me a headache and makes me feel like puking!

So I'm left wondering if that makes me homophobic or just gay phobic. Does  it make me a hypocrite for accepting one side of homosexuality and being repulsed by the other? And anyway I find chi cs making out really sexy but if I meet a truly lesbian person would I be as accepting? (up until this point I've only ever met bisexual girls and, I think, one lesbian). Also as a Christian and a person I think homosexuality is wrong but I still accept it and try not to judge. Is that a bad thing? Thinking that its wrong?

 Also there's this whole thing of asexuality that I just learnt about the other day. I've always assumed everyone would be able to feel some sort of sexual attraction. I find it strange that someone(well here I mean mostly dudes) can feel nothing(sexually) when confronted with a sexy girl. But then again I can totally accept it(more than homosexuality). And I'm wondering if its because it doesn't really affect me(physiologically) or that I truly accept it because there have been times in my life that I've felt devoid of any sexual feelings.

These are questions that I ask myself all the time when considering sexuality. I think I can sum this up into a single question: Am I really open minded or do I just force myself to accept? Sound off in the comments about what you think, if you have answers to my question(s), whether you ask yourself the same questions or about what you think. I think I'll talk about heterosexuality next. As always, peace!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Asexuality (I learn soemthing new very day here)

When I stared this blog I did it for fun! For the fame. To let the world know what I was thinking. But yesterday I just realised that having this blog has enabled me to learn a lot more about human nature! It's a truly overwhelming feeling to get comments from you, my readers, that force me to think and do research. Thanks to you all I was able to write a post on Homosexuality in pre-colonial Kenya and now again thanks to my last post I've learnt about asexuality. But thats not that brought on this post.

It was this comment by Sgyreju on the post.

"Well, I'm asexual, as I told you on Twitter. Asexual people are not THAT rare. I know rather well a dozen asexual people and have met about forty in all, thanks to online communities and blogs (and I'm only talking about people I've seen in person here). A study suggested that one percent of the population is asexual, so everyone probably knows at least one asexual person (they just may not know them well enough to know that this person is asexual). Every day I see several people joining the asexual communities I'm a member of and writing stuff like "I'm so glad I've found out about asexuality, I always wondered why I was different, it's such a relief to know I'm not alone".

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One of my interesting friends...

I wrote this post immediately after that night described to read it like you were reading it immediately after:

So today, or is it yesterday? Oh yeah, its after 12. I have to right this before I forget it or lose psyke in the morning light. So yesterday I went to my boy's, Jewlz, house for his birthday party. It was cool, actually it was very very cool. Meet a lot of new people, meet some old school buddy's and had lots of fun. No it wasn't as crazy or as wild as the last time I went drinking in Karen but still fun.

So what's today's post about? I've already said that I met some old high school buddies, so this post is about one of them. Lets call him Leo, after what I have to say about him you'll see why I'm not using his real name. He reads my blog, by the way (good stuff, man!!), and already knows that I'm writing this but if he doesn't like it I'ma take it down.

A little background on Leo. We went to the same school 3rd and 4th. He's was always immaculately dressed and behaved. He's clothes were always clean (we had one tap for like 1000 students), well ironed (you could cut your finger on the line on his trousers) and he had the whitest cleanest shirts in the whole school( I mentioned the one tap, right?). Oh and his grades were also really good and the teachers loved him.

Anyway while at the party somehow we began talking about lesbianism and then he goes " I don't like seeing chics make out" and I was in shock!!! WTF?!!! A dude who doesn't like seeing chics make out? Really? Then he goes on to explain how he just doesn't like gay shit. So the ladies at the party (who were also shocked,btw) go on to ask him a series of questions which I'm putting in Q&A style for simplicity's sake:
Q: So if you walked into a room with two chics making out and they asked you to join, you would?
A: Refuse and walk back out the room
Q: Even if the chics were Kim Kardashian (can anyone tell me why this chic is famous?) and [insert hot model chic who's name I can't remember her]
A: I think Kim is a little too wild(???)
Q: Okay then Angelina Jolie?
A: No
Q: Okay would you have a one night stand?(I asked this)
A: Nope
Q: Would you have pre-marital sex within a relationship?
A: No
Q: Have you ever been in a relationship?
A: No
Q: Ever kissed a girl?
A: No
Q:So let me ask you this (this was me asking btw): Have you ever looked at a chic in a sexual way?
A: NO!!(????????)

At this point you can imagine how I and everyone else taking part in this conversation was. I was shouting in complete disbelief, incredulity(my voice is hoarse right now, even sexier than usual:), jumping up and down banging the table. The ladies of course began, joking or maybe seriously (I was tipsy), about how he was the man they'd been searching for. Someone called him gay-straight.

This dude has made a choice of how his lifestyle would be and that's it. But all is not lost, he likes driving cars and playing PS2. And no he is not a kid he's 20 years old. So I ask you my dear readers and followers what do you think? Do you believe what he said? Do you know anyone like this? Let me know in the comments. Oh yeah I know him and believe him, except for the very last question. Oh, I almost forgot, he isn't planning on getting married:). As always peace!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

4 days of a really bad mood

Am not sure how to start this but I realise that by writing this I've already began...Its been four days...four days of a really bad mood. I'm not sure why but of the last four days I've realised that I've been very angry for most of the time lets look at the days one at a time.

Day 1: My baby sis, J, wakes me up to tell me that she's been left by her school bus so I immediately wake up wondering what could've gone wrong this morning! So I walk out into the sitting room and right there taking care of her stupid kid is H, the stepmother! Stupid woman how does Joyce skip the "adult"(using this extremely loosely) in the house and come wake me up!! NKT!! And she didn't even seem concerned!! so anyway I immediately take J to school but seriously how is it that am the one taking all this responsibility of a parent when there are two adults in the house??? They're just fair weather parents.Dad with his bullshit "bonding" sessions.He's never there when J is crying or sad or angry.He's even walked out once when J was crying for our mum...just walked in saw the tears and walked right back out!

Day 2:Its Saturday and I get J ready for church and pack her stuff for going to our mum's. Well going to church was cool and went to Oasis for the first time.It a small,intimate church.I liked it a lot. Well I went back to church to find that everyone from class was on their way out! On top of that J was going not going to stay with mum so that means baby-sitting all weekend and apparently she had a function in school the next day... That was so fucked! It meant there was no where I was going this weekend...sigh.And then H wanted me to do the dishes...nktest!!! Kananizoea!

 Day 3: wake up to get J ready for her graduation at school.Its Sunday and its supposed to be my lazy day but for J, anything,I make for her and me breakfast then tell her to go wake up dad to tell him she's ready...he steps out of the room and casually asks if I'm going with her or she's going to be alone!! As in WTF!!!! Is it really my responsibility to be attending J's school functions? Am not her parent!!!! This nigga needs to get serious!! I really want to move back in with my mum where I could be lazy and without (much) responsibility. So there goes my whole Sunday but it was worth it in other ways like getting to hang and talk to my mum and seeing J so happy to be with her friends and playing.This was slightly marred by my nose bleed.

Day 4:Failed to wake up to see that J got a full-ish breakfast so I went back to sleep and woke up a couple of hours later...then when H is leaving she informs me that Dad doesn't want me to take his fan again!! Nktest the way that thing was going to send me back to sleep? What so wrong with me using it when he's not there? He just doesn't like sharing his stuff...well fuck it! He can go fuck it! And then his stupid wife shouts at J? Who gave her that parental right??!! Silly girl! If she does it again she'll be hearing from me! Lets see what tomorrow brings...

Note: This was written so long ago but I just wanted to share it out with the world. I get so frustrated sometime and so I write things like this when I do, its better than killing my stepmum :) Don't you think? As always peace!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Interesting situation leads to troubling questions...

I seem to be on a roll with the blog posts this week. I've been quite encouraged by the comments you leave on the posts and twitter, thanks. Anyway today's post is not the faint hearted and is rather explicit in nature but it's important that I put this down because it got me asking some really really difficult questions. I just hope that I can tell the story well enough so you get what was going on clearly enough.

So last week on Wednesday I got in touch with one of my friends, lets call him Tee, after a long time (I've been underground I realise) and he said he was getting together with a couple of friends for drinks the next day at his dad's crib. I accepted.

So the next day I head to Karen. I have to ask how anyone survives there without a car, the mats drop you at a stage then you walk several kilometres before you reach your house. So after that long walk in the sun I arrive to find the idiot hasn't come home but luckily another friend, Lee, had already reached so we waited with him for Tee who appeared with the ladies a few minutes later. Their names are Ray, Sally and Angel.

I was shocked to see Ray here, that Tee had actually invited her. They'd had a really really bad break up in which Tee had found out that she had been cheating on him. Infact she's the one who initiated the break up but, hey, I'm not one to judge.

It was lunch time so a bunch of us decided that we'd have lunch while I got reacquainted with Ray -meet her once before, didn't like her- and familiar with Sally and Angel. Sally was particularly good looking with dark skin, which just made her look so exotic.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Homosexuality in pre-colonial Kenya

Today's post is quite an interesting one. It brought upon due to the recent anti-homosexual debate going on in neighbouring Uganda. Well not exactly because I really couldn't care what laws they enact across the border but the enraging debate online did reach my attention due to Joliea who I follow on twitter.

Now what some, well actually most, people are saying online is that homosexuality is a completely un-African concept being imported from abroad to corrupt our "traditional" African values. However on one particular comment caught my attention in all the clutter of hate and intolerance on a pro-homosexuality article on a Ugandan blog. It went somehow like this, from memory: It shocks me how intolerant Ugandan's are of people of different diverse backgrounds. This argument that homosexuality is a foreign import trying to corrupt our African's values is an extremely ludicrous and unfound accusation. It shows just how brainwashed we African's really are. That some are calling homosexuality a form of neocolonialism is stupid. Africa has always had homosexuals in it history. The fact is that this homophobia is actually part of our neocolonialism that stems from the imported religions that the colonisers brought with them. Of course it was more eloquently put than this (it caught my attention after all) but I hope you get the gist of what was being said.

So that particularly comment got me thinking, could that be true? Could homosexuality have existed before colonialism? Simply forgotten, and later condemned, because of colonialism? After all the writer seemed extremely knowledgeable and intelligent. So first I took to twitter and asked, quite incredulously I might add, if it could be really true that we had homosexuals in Africa before colonialism. Joliea replied that we did and I asked for examples she said the Kikuyu and the Baganda.

I won't lie. I was amused at first and wanted to make a big joke about it on FB but thought better of it because it might be taken for tribalism. So I let it go and pushed it to the back of my head. But when I met my mum I asked her if she knew of homosexuality in the Kikuyu and she said," Yeah, but its not what you think. Barren women could marry a wife so she could have kids that would grow up as hers"

After this I couldn't really ignore it anymore so I did some research and googled. There was a lot of stuff but nothing very particular and until I stumbled upon a blog post by the Candid Tinman here that linked to this document by Stephen O. Murray called Homosexuality in "Traditional" Sub-Saharan Africa and Contemporary South Africa. In which he looked for any mentions of homosexuality and hermaphrodites in pre-colonial Africa. You can download and read the whole thing here but for this post I'll concentrate on Kenya.

Things chics wear that I really hate...

Hey everyone! I know its been a while since I did a new post and I'm sorry, I've been so busy as any of you who follow me on twitter might have noticed. I've been going up and down the country trying to organise matters school. I could definitely write a blog post about that and I probably will one day.

But today I want to cover something I've covered before;fashion. So I have in more of my looking at people on the streets come up with another list of thing chics wear that they're probably greatly thankful for that I've come to hate! So now without further words or ado here it is...

First, doll shoes. My lord, I really really reaaallllyyyyy hate these shoes! I mean whoa! These shoes just make chics feet look so unremarkable, boring, bland, dull, uninteresting, monochrome, uninspiring, flat, vapid and extremely commonplace! I mean after all you do to look stunning before you leave the house then you throw on a pair of these and totally kill the whole look! Good God please stop. I know many of you have male and, the unlucky ones among you, female colleagues, friends and boyfriends who will never notice what type of shoes you're wearing but know this the first time I meet you I'll notice your shoes and I hope they're more like me out there. I know why you put them on, I asked a friend of mine why she wore them and she said that it's because they're caomfortable. Well I say screw that and wear sandles or slippers!! They're several beautiful pairs out there...think about it...

Next, sharp pointed shoes, they're ugly period. I don't think I need to explain myself. But I realise that it might just be my own baised but those things look wrong. It looks as if you squeezed your toes right up to the tip. Also some time the in-between your toes show which most times have not been pakwa'd vaseline so its white as snow, yuck! Some time your little toe looks as if it been dislocated so it fit in your shoe. Also as a dude those things look like lethal weapons! If a chic kicked you in balls with those she'll definately be leaving with them hanging at the tip of her shoes. So ladies spare us the torment.

The mohawk. This style was once only found among hardcore rock heads but as soon as Rihanna started rocking it every girl in town decided its the in thing and styled their hair the same way. I hate it! Don't wear it around me because it shows your complete lack of imagination and style. Don't follow the fool masses try be unique, rock your chosen hairstyle with confidence and it will be complimented. Just so we're clear any variation of this hairstyle is whack!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vacation to Kisumu and environs.

Hey everyone!! It's been awhile since I last did a post and I've been wondering what to write about. As this blog is about my random thoughts and feelings so I guess I can write about anything I feel about and y'all will have to read about it, won't you?:) That might sound arrogant but hey I'm right, aren't I?

Last week I was in Kisumu and its surrounding environs and towns. I travelled on my birthday. I know most people would've  waited to celebrate their birthday's first then travelled but I haven't really celebrated a birthday in the last 8 or 9 years. Sad, I know, but then again my life has really been a happy one in past years but more on that in another post if I ever get the courage to tell the world about it. So I went to Kisumu, on my birthday. Why?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Things I thank Mase for.

Its been almost three and a half years since I joined boarding school and one and a half since I left. Its an experience that defined and continues to define my life...
A little background info: When we moved to Kenya from Zambia I joined St.Mary's Nairobi doing KCPE syllabus(This wasn't what I'd expected but that is a story for another post). I stayed there for 4 years until form 2 when I changed to Maseno. Why? That's part of the story for another post already mentioned.
So whats this post about? It's about all the things I'm greatful to Maseno for. Most of them have to do with adaptation that has became a part of who I am. Things that its taught me and given me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My weekend home alone...

So I'm sitting in the balcony at my dad's place, writing this post and thinking of exactly how to do it. I have been out here i a while and it feels good to be out in the fresh air of Uppah. My sister is in one of her moods because she's coming back from her weekend with my mum. She always comes back like this and I'm wandering if its really doing her any good but thats a story for another post...

Today's post is actually about my weekend. This last one. And no its not one of crazier ones. Its was actually quiet normal and boring. I was home alone this weekend. For most my age that would've been the perfect excuse to throw a party or go out all weekend but I didn't do any of that. On Friday I went to school and came directly home to watch movies. Saturday I was in church most of the day though later I went to my friends house to pick up some cables I'd asked him to get for me. Sunday I woke up to find the day overcast so there went my plans for swimming and also the electricity had gone, so I began to read His Dark Materials:The Golden compass.

So thats how I spent my weekend. Pretty dull, right? And this weekend got me thinking,well actually been thinking about it for a couple of weeks on and off sub-consciously, am I normal teenager? Normal teenagers would have gone crazy but I didn't. Its not the first time. For me I would comfortably spend a weekend alone with my girlfriend watching movies and lazying around doing a lot of nothing or with my best friend telling stories and watching movies. Unfortunately for me, my best friend left the country in Dec for school and I have no girlfriend.

On Saturday I found out there was a birthday party for a friend(?) of mine that people had gone to in L.A. I didn't get an invite so I only found out like at 10.p.m and by that time buses out of Uppah had died and i was too broke to take a taxi anywhere. But it got me thinking...Why hadn't I gotten an invite? And why hadn't any one tried to call me to ask wether I could make it? After all I knew(I was later to hear) most of the people at the party.

I came to the conclusion that it was because I wasn't part of that crew. After all all the people there were from L.A and had grown up together so I was kinda an outsider. I don't think think they did it on purpose though. Let me explain the crew dynamic and what I mean by crew. A crew is a group of people with something in common that binds them together. It could be that you grew up together or that you go/went to the same school. These are the people you're tight with,you gel together and enjoy each others company. They're also the people you call when ever you have an event you want to celebrate or generally just hang out. Still it stings that no one thought of inviting me.

So back to what I was saying I've recently coming to the realization that I have no friends that I can randomly call to over at my place when its free. And I'm wandering why that is...and I realize that after my best friend left the country I've been kind of lonely when it comes to someone you can just call over and chill with. Someone you can get bored with and still say you where having fun. So I've came to the realization that I relied on my best friend a little more than I realized...

This is the balcony after I was finished writing...
So why did I put up this post? I just need to vent and to ask all of you:Am I normal? Let me know what you think in the comments.Btw I realized, while writing this, there is someone I could call but they're so far away right now.PEACE!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Test blog...O,1,2,3!!

Okay...yesterday for the three hours I was supposed to be doing Remote Desktop accessing I was trawling the web looking for an app that would allow me to comfortably blog from my phone and also it had to free, before you call me cheap Kenya is still a little behind when it comes to online transactions. So after an almost three hours search I found a few...but most where not free and even the one I'm using now is a demo for 30 days.

So what app I'm I using? Its called wavelog and so far its been cool. I haven't had the time to check out its full features but I thought I'd test out its basic features with this post. So I'm going to try post this now.PEACE!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things every girl should be thankful for...

So I've been thinking of what I'll put for my new blog post for the last couple of weeks and just couldn't make up my mind. So many ideas but no executions at all... Also I found a couple of things I wrote out a long time ago and I've been debating wether to post them here, I still haven't decided yet, they're of a rather personal nature but be sure you'll see them some day.

I was also shocked to get requests request to update my blog from to of my followers on twitter,@deadly_halo and @Mousse013 which is extremely gratifying. It lets me know that someone out there is reading, likes what they read and wants more. Cheers to them both! Now on to the post.

So I'm one person who likes to look at people. Everywhere I go I'm looking at the people I'm passing on the streets, in church, in the papers, in class and on TV. But I don't do it to notice chics curves(which I still notice :) but for peoples facial expressions and for the clothes and shoes(mostly chics) people wear. So with all this there are several things I've noticed and want to talk about. Some of these things I hate, some of them I love and the rest I have no opinion of. But all of them are thing chics should be extremely thankful for.

To start with stunnas. These things have became a permanent part of chics wardrode. You'd be hardpressed to find a fashionsavvy girl on the stress with out a pair on or in her hand bag. Now with all my looking I've noticed that a girl with these things on becames a great degree hotter than they really are. Think about it. They hide half the girls face and an extremely vital part of her flyness/whackness;her eyes. They make the girl look mysterious and leave you wandering what or who she was looking at... Totally not fair for us dudes! But I personally I'm indifferent about them so if you're to meet me with them on I wouldn't care to much about them.

Next weaves, extensions and wigs. These things are that girsl use/put that I hate most. As in I get why you'd have to wear them but I doesn't mean I like them. First of all most of you get really really poor jobs done! The hair looks synthetic and totally not yours, with your very bad hair showing underneath or worse, the places you were plaited. Even the ones well done still annoy because you're blatantly lying to the world(read guys) about your hair. As someone who has a thing for girls with long hair I take this extremely personal! DEATH TO ALL WEAVE!!!

Skinny jeans. Probably the one thing every girl needs in her wardrobe and I'll drink to that. These jeans serve the dual purpose of making you're legs look superhot while hiding them completely and highlight your curves. No problems of cellulite(Yes, I know what it is) or scars and bruises espeacially the knees. These can make any girl look good, except the really fat, and every girl should own a pair or five. And ladies experiment with bright colours.

Knee length boots. There is just something about a pair of well worn boots that say look at me I'm superdoper confident and I know I'm fine. Still on shoes its unfair that girls can get a pair of shoes at 2soc and also that they have so much variety!

For now I think thats all I have to say. Think about what I've said then tell me what you think in the comments or tweet me. Also what else(fashion-wise) do you think girls should be thankful for.

On a breif side note:Men in Nairobi really don't have much of a dress sense but then again do we have options? Until the next post...PEACE!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Poetry for my old(?) flame...

I wrote this for someone I love and care for very much but shit wasn't isn't working. It was written back when I was in high school(which wasn't that long ago) so anyway here it is:

I don't know what to say
Though my love grows day by day
I feel as if you keep pushing me away
And i wander if you want to stay

My emotions are getting strained
My heart is get pained
Am getting drained
And am feeling constrained

I don't know what this is
But I wish it wasn't like this
Coz it's still you I miss
And still hope to kiss

So i need to know what you want
To live in this confusion I can't
I know this is kind of blunt
My love you can't daunt

My lord, this girl was difficult, she just could make up her mind, first we were going out,then sudden we weren't and she wanted us to be friends and then she said I should wait for to finish school.

All this time I took all her undecision in stride(I only ever lost my temper once. I blasted her hard but she had really really annoyed me,talking a lot) We still talk when ever she's around. So I can still hope, can't I? Peace!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Virtual game block? Doubt it...

savvykenyaSo on Sunday I posted a tweet that resulted in a conversation on twitter between me and Savvy ,writter of The Dairy of a Kenyan Campus Girl, that had me thinking of a new blog post. I've posted it here so that you get what I'll be talking about....

cdohnio: I'm sure its just me
but I'm finding it difficult to
maintain vybe with a chic...

savvykenya: @cdohnio but
you can maintain vybe with a

cdohnio: NKT! Don't be
silly!! :) I didn't mean it like
that... RT @ ssavvykenya:
@cdohnio but you can
maintain vybe with a guy?

savvykenya: @cdohnio I
knew you what you
meant...maybe the two of
you arent meant to be..

cdohnio: @savvykenya
Friends with every girl I

savvykenya: @cdohnio are
you more than friends with
other girls you know?

cdohnio: @savvykenya No, I'm

savvykenya: @cdohnio not
even with one girl?

cdohnio: @savvykenya Nope.
Not even one...

savvykenya: @cdohnio not
even the one in your twicon?

cdohnio: @savvykenya The
one in my twicon is my
mother:). It goes back to what I
said earlier about difficulty...

savvykenya: @cdohnio no
need to try n explain...we can
let that go!

cdohnio: @savvykenya I think
I'll write a blog post about
it...mind if I feature this
conversation and your name?

savvykenya: @cdohnio not at
all..go ahead with the post
and send me a link when u
publish it.

So from the conversation you can tell (unless you're very slow) that I've been having probelms with vybing chics. Now don't get it wrong, there is nothing wrong with my game, infact I'll be as bold to say its as on point as ever! "So what does 'having probelms with maintaining vybe' mean" you may ask...

It means exactly what it says, but what it doesn't say is that I've been having this probelm on FB and texting. I can't speak for twitter because so far I don't have active vybees following or DMing me. Don't get it wrong in person I'm great... Stories are there. Jokes? Definately!! Compliments? On point! Things to talk about? Several! Timing? Impecable!(I'm not sure this is the correct spelling). But when it comes to talking to the vybees on FB or texting them I quickly lose syke and energy, espeacially if I can see the conversation hitting a deadend(where there no more questions to be asked) soon. As in, I just don't want to have to struggle thinking of more questions to ask and stuff. Why should it be my job to keep a virtual conversation going? Virtual conversations aren't the same as in person ones: You can't vybe as if you're right there with them. Stories are only great when you can tell them verbally so that you can create the right atmosphere for them,with jokes its the same thing, the atmosphere is equally as important.

So, how do I know this isn't just a probelm with my virtual game? After all, failing or finding difficulty would probably be the same thing someone with little or no virtual game. Well I know first of all because it me!! If there is something I know is that my game is great-all of it! Also because back in the day-two or three years back-I'd vybe several girls at the same time, virtually obviously, and all would be feeling me and I had no difficulty maintaining vybe!

So what happened in those two,three years? I went to boreding school in a far away land and my parents separated. The latter is the one still affecting me 'till today(remember I'm young) in ways you wouldn't/couldn't imagine. Perhaps one day I'll let y'all know what I mean so you can try imagine it.

Oh yeah, another thing thats in the conversation is that I'm not more than friends with any girl. Well, I don't think in my current state of mind I can maintain a relationship, I just don't have the energy to do so.

Also please note: I may be having difficulty vybing chics virtually it doesn't mean the ones I am struggling with ain't feeling me!!! MY GAME IS ALWAYS ON POINT!!

Special mention goes to Savvy for letting me use our conversation for this post and her name,actually its more her name coz I'd've used the conversation under a different name anyway. Y'all go check out her blog. Until next post...PEACE!!!